The Bad Rver
The Bad Rver Located at the northern end of Georgian Bay the bad river is an isolated but magnificent spot to explore
Tied upto the rocks at the Bad River
Tied upto the rocks at the Bad River The rock walls are so steep that you actually raft your boat right up to the rocks!
12 Mile Bay
12 Mile Bay On the hook at one of the most stunning spots o boat, 12 Mile Bay
Lock 45
Lock 45 There is always crazy winds, high currents, and huge rocks luring just outside the channel at Lock 45 - the gates of hell!
Lock 45
Lock 45 On the blue line waiting to go up
Absolut Lee cruising southern Georgian Bay
Absolut Lee cruising southern Georgian Bay
Lock 42
Lock 42 Sitting at the bottom of Lock 42, the first lock heading north out of Lake Simcoe
Lock 43
Lock 43 The huge Lock 43 Swift Rapids
Big Chute Lock 44
Big Chute Lock 44 The world famous marine railway
Bad River
Bad River Sitting on the rocks enjoying the sunset from the Bad River
Fishing at the Bad River
Fishing at the Bad River
Bad River Raft Up
Bad River Raft Up Rafted up in the Bad River
Deep Bay
Deep Bay On the hook in Deep Bay just off of Sparrow Lake
Absolut Lee
Absolut Lee Cruising southern Georgian Bay
Scott Island
Scott Island A great place to go exploring, Scott Island just off of Killbear Park outside of Parry Sound
Sunset at Deep Bay
Sunset at Deep Bay
San Souci
San Souci The BFED crew on the bow of the Beech House at Henry's Fish House
Parry Sound
Parry Sound A beautiful sunset in Parry Sound
The Rocks
The Rocks The rugged beauty of Georgian Bay
Parry Sound
Parry Sound The Marina at Parry sound, Big Sound
Parry Sound
Parry Sound The Beech House on the dock at Parry Sound

Georgian Bay

So what is Georgian Bay? It's the Eastern area of Lake Huron and is entirely in Ontarion Canada.  It connects to Lake Ontarion via the Trent Severn Waterway which is a series of rivers and locks connecting major lakes.


Many People spend the entire summer exploring it's incredible ruggedness and amazing views.


Having travelled here many times and met dozens of "Loopers" completing the great loop this area is often described as the high point of their trip!

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