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  • Captain Brian's Rants

    WOW Have I been a slacker or what?  The summer has been unimaginably busy and is now like a blink of an eye behind us.  Looks like it's time for me to catch up on a few things!

    Overall summer enjoyment was #1 priority!

  • Spring is in the air!  As you can see the lakes are finally starting to open up and at the end of next week my marina are going to start dropping the yachts in.  I am still a few weeks out but soon enough the Beech House will be floating!

  • Is spring actually on it's way?  As you can see below the lakes are starting to giv up their icy grip on winter.  The Beech house drops in 8 Fridays!

  • We once again are firmly in the grips of old man winter, the only good part of all the snow and cold is that the lake levels will be great this coming summer.  As you can see below lots of ice cover which means less winter evaporation!


  • Fire up the grill it's Super Sunday!  Unfortunately no boating today, just good food, great friends and football!!!!

  • Some fantastic pictures of a rare clear day here in the mid-west in January.  We have had a little warm weather blast and you can see the changes on the great lakes.  St. Clair and Simcoe are still an icy block but the rest of the lakes are certainly getting slushy!  Cold weather is racing back in this week so we expect the ice to return!  12 Fridays till we launch!

  • Unfortunately we are still firmly in winters grasp up here in the mid-west, attached is a view of the Beech House sitting at her winter home all snuggled up.  Remember 14 weeks till the boats go in!

  • We had a slight reprieve this week but are once again firmly entrenched in winter once again.  As can be seen the ice has scaled back a touch this week but looking at the forecast and judging by my toes and fingers turing blue there's more ice to come! 

  • Welcome back my friends, unfortunately it's not really boating weather as the Great Lakes are currently about 30% ice covered - Remember only 14 weeks till the boats launch!

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